Thursday, March 11, 2004


This is one of my friends that amuse me during the day as I look out my window.  :)   Sometimes I think he is watching me since my computer faces that window!  I continue to feed these guys even though I have neighbors that dislike it.  They seem to bring the outdoors into me on days when being outside has to wait.  I call that a good friend.  lol


msecz said...

I love your little friend. I too have a couple of friends like that I feed ~ they love corn don't they? There isn't much moving around here either some months and they also keep me company.

wildflower121764 said...

Nice photo...I love nature shots best. And I love squirrels. They're just too cute. I don't blame you for feeding them. All of wildlife deserves respect and recognition.

wfhbear said...

Those same guys use to take peanuts from my Dad's hand. They spent all spring, summer, and fall on his deck with him. Thanks for the photo it brought back good memories. Regards, Bill.