Wednesday, March 3, 2004

My Life



"What one has not experienced, one will never understand in print."Isadora Duncan, My Life 

The last few days have literally opened up my world to a whole new outlook.  My surgery Monday went well to remove the cataract in my right eye and replace it with an implant lens. I awoke yesterday and made my way downstairs and stood alone at my front door with tears streaming down my cheeks.  After 2 days of everything looking red following the surgery, my eye cleared and I instantly began seeing unclouded objects.  Everything looked so sharp and with such vivid colors that I stood there for what seemed like forever and just looked around.  How easily I had forgotten what bright colors were.  I find myself full of anticipation of what beautiful things there are in this world to view.  After waiting years to have the courage to get this done, I am now looking forward to having the left eye fixed.  It can't come soon enough. 
Life if good.  :)


dakotarose2852 said...

Congratulations on finally having the courage to have this surgery. Each day you'll discover a whole new world! Take care.

wfhbear said...

Makes the song "I can see clearly now" have a little different meaning, huh?. I'm really happy you are doing so well. Spring is almost here. Be sure to take a long close look around. My Regards, Bill.

sunflowerkat321 said...

OH, Congratulations...I'm so happy for you. Spring is going to be EXTRA special for you this year! How wonderful!!!

wildflower121764 said...

There's nothing like vivid colors! I'm glad you are able to view them again.