Thursday, July 29, 2004

After we left Orlando, we spent some time touring St. Augustine.  This is the nation's oldest city first sighted by Don Juan Ponce De Leon who claimed the land for Spain.  It was founded 42 years before the first colony in Jamestown, Virginia which makes this the oldest permanent European settlement in North America.  We  saw the old narrow streets of long ago and the buildings of that time and took the trolley guided tour to get the most out of seeing this city. 


We visited and did the wine tasting tour of  San Sebastian Winery and brought back a selection of wine that appealed to us.










The Castillo de San Marcos National Monument stood out for me during this tour.  I spent time inside and out learning the rich history of this oldest masonry fort in the US.  It is a great view from on top looking out onto the land and water.  We also fell upon the reenactment taking place at that time of firing a canon out into the water.  From there we wrapped up the day visiting St. Augustine's lighthouse, but I couldn't persuade the crew to climbed the 219 stairs to the top!  At that point exhaustion had crept in and climbing into bed was the only thing on their mind!!


pawsadam said...

How awesome is this! You were down here in my neck of the woods! Dena and I love going to St. Augustine for short mini vacations. Next time you are there you have to do the Haunted Trolley Tour. It is the best Ghost trip there.

sasonalmah said...

Oh, I am sooo jealous!!!!!!!!!!!!


deabvt said...

Great shots!  You`re having a wonderful time, I`ll bet!

deveil said...

San Sebastian Winery is my favorite, i love going there late in the evenings, listening to some great acoustic on the roof, with wine and cheese.  Too funny you visiting some of my favorite spots.  St. Augustine's has much beauty and history, I love sitting on the water over by the fort.  My great great uncle was the mayor of St. Augustine way back in the 20's.  My Papa used to take us there to see his aunt and uncle when I was little.  The fort was always one of my favorite places.  I lived in a make believe world when i was young.  So I was always reinacting it for myself.  I think they all got a kick out of watching me marching with my make believe rifle.  Glad your back home safely!  Have a great weekend.


gbgoglo said...

You must be having a wonderful time...your family and you.  The pics are awesome!  Thanks for sharing...gloria