Saturday, July 10, 2004

Sky blue



"Promptly prepare a provision of taffeta and ropes, and you will see one of the most incredible things in the world"
Joseph Montgolfier of the Montgolfier Brothers - Hot Air balloon inventors

The sky has been beautiful as of late.  Big puffy clouds have been set against the summer blue sky in what makes for a spectacular dream.  It is days like this that catches my eye as I do my morning walks.  They are as splendid as flying above the clouds and looking down to what seems like puffs of cotton laying in the sky.  How lucky I am to see and notice such beauty. 


gbgoglo said...

I feel blessed to notice God's beauty in all things including your journal.  Thank you for sharing so much.   gloria

tallnfuzzy said...

Great entry, I've been a cloud watcher myself since I was a young boy.  I used to tell my mom a story of a city in the clouds.  They is much beauty in the clouds, i've been trying to take some pictures of them lately, but havn't got the perfect picture yet.


haikulike said...

AHHHHHHHHHH!  So Carol-like!  Perfection!