Friday, July 30, 2004

Jacksonville Beach



While making plans 2 days before we left for vacation, I changed the beach we were going to visit.  I found this place called Jacksonville beach which I had never visited before.  Some here had reservations about going to a place unknown to us, but I am always one for seeing new adventures.  Thus, being the plan maker, that's where we were going.  It ended up that we loved this place with the beautiful beach and the laid back atmosphere that was much needed after fighting the crowds of Disney.  We went to some seafood restaurants that had mouth watering fresh seafood.     We spent the day on the beach and much of it for me was swimming in the water and playing in the waves.  It was so refreshing that I didn't want to leave.







 I walked the beach, listened to the roar of the waves and dreamed of having a place on the water so I could be out in a boat anytime I wanted.  I  buried my feet in the hot sand and it felt good to play.  I sat at the edge of the water with my eyes closed and just listened to my surroundings and felt at peace.  This was just what I needed.  :)




deabvt said...

Beautiful Pics!

deveil said...

I think I knew you were close by when you were here, glad you got to visit my little beach town, can't believe ya'll were just blocks away from me.  There are some wonderful seafood resaurants, one of my favorites is First Street Grill, it's right on the Ocean and you can sit outside and listen to the Ocean while you eat, although a bird did poop on my moms head when I took her there.  I've got to find one of my paintings I did of the beach, it has the same view as one of your pictures, only I added some cows laying on the beach.  Had to bring some of my country boy to the beach.  Can you imagine cows on the beach?  :)


sasonalmah said...

I have tried to take pics of waves before, but they are never very good.  Maybe that's due to the fact that you don't get very good waves in a lake!!!!!!!!  LOL


purpleceyes said...

I so enjoyed your photos of Florida.  I moved to Rhode Island three years ago from Jupiter, Florida and no it's not the planet, (haha).  It made me kind of homesick.  I must admit that I haven't explored northern Florida that much but seeing your photos intrigued me. If you ever do get down south again, Jupiter is a wonderful community.  It is located on the east coast in Palm Beach County, it is very much a boating area. We have celebs like Burt Reynolds, Celine Dion, and Joe Namath to name a few who reside there.  The beaches are very private, our inlet and lighthouse are one of a kind, not to mention some fabulous seafood restaurants.  What I loved most was being only 2 1/2 hours south of Orlando, one hour north of Miami, and 3-4 hours north of the Keyes(spelled with an e).  As soon as I install my scanner I will post some photos as well, but I would love to see some more of yours.  Al;though I love New England and all it has to offer, Florida will forever be my home and the beach my source of serenity....bye y'lll!!!  April AKA PurpleCEyes