Wednesday, October 6, 2004

Book Club

    "But I have learned that you make your own happiness, that part of going for what you want means losing something else.  And when the stakes are high, the losses can be that much greater." 
                                                                        Emily Griffin  - "Something Borrowed"  

 The monthly book club was last night and about 9 people showed up.  It was a good discussion and, as always, I was interested and surprised at what others had to say.  We are a group that only see one another at these meetings, but it is so easy to figure each one out just thru their input of a book.  There are the members who can be swayed to another's opinion too easily instead of holding their own.  Others who didn't seem to grasp the content of it, and still other's who with every book say "I didn't like it."  Sometimes I sit there thinking if we all read the same book!   But, that is what the book club is all about and I'm having a good time reading some novels that I wouldn't normally pick out.  This month was "Something Borrowed" by Emily Griffin.  I liked it and I'm sticking to that opinion.  :)

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deveil said...

that first paraphrase says it all, I think I'll have to check this one out, sounds interesting, is it about marriage?