Tuesday, October 19, 2004











I love this time of year!  Yesterday I worked outside for a couple of hours getting some fall planting done and felt exhilarated.  My chrysanthemums are blooming and makes for a beautiful display on my front step.  The yellow flowers in my last entry are just one of a few different kind I have here in my garden that seem to come even more alive in photos.  With the leaves changing, its a perfect time to take that drive thru the mountains in northern Georgia.  I look forward to capturing scenery that seem to burst into life with the vibrant colors.  I think this has to be my favorite season!   :)


spyro1442 said...

Hi Carol,
I love the picture of your display of the chrysanthemums,pumpkins, fall leaves and indian corn. How lovely! You did a great job! My little grandaughter and I are going to do our display this week.
My husband and I went this past weekend to the mts. about a two hour drive from where we live. We enjoyed the changing of the leaves. We picniced under a big lovely tree with reddish orange leaves on it. It was a canopy over us. It was a lovely fall day. I mananged to take a few pictures. I was overcome with the beauty of the fall season. I felt so close to God and exhilirated like you said.
God bless!
Regina  : )

sasonalmah said...

This is a great season!


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