Sunday, October 24, 2004

Learning from experience


Experience teaches slowly and at the cost of mistakes.
 James A. Froude

I had an interesting conversation with my mother last night.  I had gone thru the years feeling that I couldn't compete with her in regard to having everything just right at home.  It seems that sometimes it looks like a tornado goes thru my home.  I can't remember seeing anything like that when I lived at home.  She always had things in order.  I have always thought that she felt I spend too much time running the kids around to their games, activities, etc., when I should have been at home "getting things done."  Well, last night she caught me off guard and I just listened without commenting.  She said that when she was younger, she shouldn't have worried so much about the house and keeping things in order. She added that she wished she would have spend more time with her kids.  Being the youngest and always craving their attention, I listened and finally understood that she only did what she thought was best for us at the time.  There is something to be said about experience being the best teacher, even if it does come slowly and with mistakes.


spyro1442 said...

I agree with you!!! I love who you are Carol! You are one of God's special ladies on this earth. You love life and you enjoy and live life to the fullest. You are a wonderful lady Carol. Thank God you are loving and caring for your family and friends. They are top priorty! Our relationships! The house and the things in it can take another place on our list of priorities! You inspire and encourage me to start doing the special and wonderful things in my life. I have had some near death experiences and I am more aware of every precious moment God has given me.  We must make the best out of the time God has given us. Family is very important to me too! I love your journals! Carol enjoy your little Mother too! I know you do already. I lost my precious little Mother in December 2002. There is nobody else who can fill that void in my heart for her either. Except for God of course! I mean any other human being. You know?
Regina " )    ( Queen of Hearts)

southsexkitten68 said...

Hey Carol =)

I like the picture of you and your mom.  Enjoy her always...and I know you know what I mean and why I say that too.  From the looks of things around your home in the pictures and in your beautiful garden and yard, you DO take very good care of your may just be that it is not the priority to your heart as your family and friends rightly are......but I dont think you are doing badly AT ALL!

Keep smiling!

deabvt said...

Those parent talks are so meaningful!

deveil said...

Now I see where you get that beautiful smile from.  Two beautiful women!


aau4ever said...

Does your mom date? If so tell I'm interested.....:-)