Saturday, October 16, 2004

You came to me when I needed a friend
And now I find myself holding my heart in my hands
Looking up to you....
If someone has to lose,
I don't want to play.

But I can't seem to remember the last time
When the world looked so bright
And the air feel so good
What will keep us from falling?
And what will keep you by my side?  


cneinhorn said...

awww, so nice!

sasonalmah said...

All of us ponder that at some point or the other.  It isn't often a comfortable situation, but can grow into a security that is refreshing.....


jspiker said...

Not all that glitters is gold.
Not all those that wander are lost....

Life can be a real mystery at times but
all life is good and should be cherished by all.

deabvt said...

Beautiful, as always.