Monday, October 11, 2004



It has always seemed like I feel my best when I am outdoors.  This weekend was no exception.  We went on a hike at a nearby state park trail and enjoyed the fall weather that has been feeling good here in Georgia.  I found myself in touch with the surroundings and everything else in my life seemed far away.  I crave days like this and always leave with a plan for the next hike.   I was relaxed, refreshed and loved every minute of it. 


sasonalmah said...

I am so glad!  You look VERY happy!


jspiker said...

I know just what you mean...I feel "at home" when I'm in touch with the environment!  I'm glad you are enjoying the fall weather.

deveil said...

October has always been my favorite time of year up in your neck of the woods.  I sure miss it up that way.


aau4ever said...

Just should be labeled "Take my Breathe away" just great.