Sunday, September 21, 2003

Dad and Soccer

This is a picture of my Dad at age 18 or 19.  He's 68 now.  He played soccer when it wasn't popular in this country but was popular in Pittsburgh.  He received the Dapper Dan award one year.  When my parents  married at 19 and 20, he received 10 bucks a week for playing. How did they ever make ends meet!  When us kids started arriving,  he got a "real job" as my Mom put it. The Pittsburgh football team was trying to recruit him for their kicker.  Would have been more money, but he wasn't interested.  Soccer was his thing.  I remember being on the soccer field every Sunday for games.  I remember the oranges they got at half time and how I would always try to get some.  My brother also played  all through grade school and high school.  There were no girl teams at that time and I remember thinking how unfair that was. But, fun it was to be around it in early childhood and high school.   My older son has played and now my youngest is in his 4th year of playing. Saturday games this time....but what fun.

To know the road ahead, ask those coming back.  Chinese Proverb


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deveil said...

i'm really enjoying going back and reading your older entries.