Sunday, September 28, 2003

homecoming dance

The dance last night went well for my daughter and her friends.  There were 5 couples along with their parents that came before dinner for pictures.  I took about 60 pictures of them all so I can put them on a CD slide show.  After pictures, they all went out to dinner at a Japanese restrauant where they had dinner cooked right in front of them.  It was a nice dinner for them.  After that, off to the school for the dance which they only stayed about an hour and ended up back here at 10:30 to play pool, listen to music and watch movies.  The boys ended up leaving around 1:00am and the girls stayed till morning.  All seemed to have a great time.  I'm just glad everything went smoothly!  Their a great bunch of kids and I enjoyed helping them out with having the party here. My daughter looked beautiful and it shown through with her smile of having a good time.

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